Closing Tips On The Coast?

Hello 🙂

So, apparently, the government is going to close a number of local tips to save money. Of course that money is going to be spent elsewhere on who knows what…

There is a tip about 5 minutes away from where I live, and it is extremely convenient. I contacted the Waste and recycling department and they said that there would still be enough tips open so that everyone was within a 20 minute drive of one. I didn’t even know another tip was within 20 minutes of where I lived…guess I better start looking.

Anyways, my problem with this is that it will only increase the amount of people dropping their rubbish on the side of the road. Already at the tip near my place, there are people who do that when they get there and it has closed for the day.

Here is a part of the article.

“The Gold Coast City Council cannot afford to keep its dumps open for hundreds of ratepayers who need them but is bolstering its spin department. The council will close six of its 18 tips across the city in an attempt to find savings in its $1.1 billion budget, but will strengthen its hefty corporate communications department. The council estimates closing the stations will save $22 million over 10 years. It says they (the dumps) have become too busy and unmanageable.”

Maybe instead of taking away services from people, they should stop wasting their money on FaceBook advertising…..

Peace and love guys!


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