Curiosity -> Anger -> Frustration -> Sadness

Hey guys, 

I didn’t make it around to post anything yesterday. I was feeling to stressed to type a whole bunch of stuff, so I’ll say today what I was going to say yesterday…

To ‘have our say’ against the quarry that is planned to go ahead near Reedy Creek…we have to read a 4700 page Environmental Impact Study Report, and reference the sections in said report in our communications with QLD’s Coordinator General…

First of all; What the hell.

Seriously? They want us to read a 4700 page report? (coincidentally, Boral conducted some of these studies)

Whatever happened to listening to the people?

A letter was sent to each individual house in the surrounding area, and the results were that 70% of the people were AGAINST the quarry.

Yet here we are. Battling.

And they say the government is for the people…..don’t make me laugh.

Peace and love!


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