Garden Bed Creatures

Hi all 🙂

Growing things in the garden is one of my passions, and as a gardener, I am devastated each time I have to dig over some soil.

There are always worms who get maimed or killed, and I just know there are many more little creatures in there that suffer the same…

I hate having to dig over the garden. My gut drops and I turn into a ball of sadness. My heart aches for the little creatures…

I have started saying a prayer, of sorts, before I start work on the garden. Not a prayer to God or anything like that. More like a message to all of the creatures who dwell in the soil.

I acknowledge all life in the garden.

I tell them my intentions.

I ask for their forgiveness.

I give them my energy.

I wish them love and peace.

And then I begin.

I dig over the soil, asking forgiveness all the while to each and every creature I see, and to those who I can’t see as well.

When I am done, I ask again for their forgiveness.

I wish them love and peace.

And I give them my energy.


So, here’s to all the creatures of the garden, whom without, we would not have a healthy garden in the first place!

Peace and love to you, my little friends…

And peace and love to you, readers 🙂


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