A New Problem May Be The Solution For An Old Problem, In Disguise.

Hey everyone šŸ™‚

I have just found out that my best friend is moving houses soon. As soon as he told me, my gut dropped, and questions flooded my head.

Where are you moving? How far away is it? When will you be moving?

He isn’t 100% sure on anything yet, but there is a place that he and his family are looking at that is only an extra 15-20 minute drive from where they currently are. This wouldn’t be so bad.

The place that they are looking at sounds amazing. It is high up on a mountain, with a panoramic view of the Earth below, and you can even see the sea! He also said that it has 60 acres of land!

He said it was a bit more expensive than the place they are renting now, but he also said this to me.

“We might get someone in to help with rent and use the land to bring in some extra income”

I silently screamed with happiness when he said that.

I LOVEĀ gardening, so I would be MORE than happy to help them grow some crops and help them out with whatever else they needed.

I have been under pressure in my own home, from my parents dropping subtle hints for me to leave home. They’re not bad parents in any way, but they are trapped in old ways of thinking…

If I could move to my friends house…..it would be a great release of stress for me, as well as enabling me to pursue one of my passions.

My friend is my brother. We’ve been through the thick and thin, and we are always there for each other. The same thing goes for his family. I have built strong bonds with each of them, and I love them all dearly.

IĀ must notĀ get my hopes up though. There is still the possibility of them not moving to that house…

I can only hope šŸ™‚

Peace and love!


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