Disconnection From Nature

Nature is one of the most beautiful things to ever exist. I find myself feeling most at home when surrounded by it. I feel peace, I feel love…


But I cannot experience this feeling all the time.

I live in a suburban area. I step outside of my little box, which is in my opinion, far too much like a barrier to the outside world, and all I see is more houses.


This is the case in many cities, towns, suburbs etc.

Where is the nature? Sure, there are strips of plants and trees lining some of the roads, but quite frankly I feel sorry for them. They have been forced to live in a habitat that is not their own.

Humans have taken over a lot of the nature in the world, and replaced it with buildings. Why anyone would want to tear down the beautiful flora is beyond me.


Why aren’t we all out in it? Living in it? Being as one with it?

Oh that’s right, because that’s not profitable :/

I actually plan on venturing out into the wilderness, someday soon, and find a spot in which I can live at peace with nature. Away from all of the self created problems that man has caused.

Then I will be happy.


Peace and love! 🙂


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