First Post – Adventure Time!

Welcome, my fellow human! This is to be my first post! Exciting news yes? Well, for me it is. For you? Well, that is for you to decide 😉

Adventure Time is this crazy little cartoon made by Pendleton Ward, I believe. Apparently, the show is made for young kids, but I know so many adults that love it! The main characters are Finn (The Human) and Jake (The Dog). I was introduced to this show by a good friend of mine sometime last year in 2012. My thoughts of it now are still exactly the same as the day i watched the first episode. It’s whacky, it’s insane, it’s like nothing you have ever seen before, and if the child in you still exists, I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

You can check out all the episodes for FREE on the website below! Enjoy!

Peace and love to you 🙂


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