The Gold Coast Quarry

Hello again 🙂

I heard on the radio that Boral’s plans for making a quarry have been brought to a stop! This is great news!

However, the way they were saying it, sounded like they were still trying….

At LEAST this is SOMETHING though 🙂

Peace and love!


Pay To Use The Beach!?

Hi-o 🙂

The local beaches around here have been taking quite a beating lately. The sand is eroding away, and some beachfront houses are being affected.

Some people have suggested that we pay to use the beach so that it can be fixed. That’s right, you read it right. PAY to use THE BEACH.

I will not EVER pay to experience nature. 

I will go to the beaches and fix them myself, with my own two hands!

Why don’t people want to do the same?

Peace and love! 🙂


Hey all 🙂

Yesterday morning I went down to a local beach with a group of lovely people, and we weeded and planted native plants on the dunes of the beach!

It was a great feeling. Anything to help nature grow makes me feel wonderful 🙂

I was also told that this group does more than just beaches! So I told them to sign me up! 😀

Everyone should join groups like these 🙂 They’re a lot of fun, you meet some wonderful new people, and best of all, you’re helping nature!

Peace and love! 🙂

Stop The Gold Coast Quarry

Hey guys 🙂

The meeting to stop the Gold Coast quarry was last night, and I believe it was very successful!

There was a huge turnout, and a lot of topics were covered.

I believe there is NO WAY, that Boral could put their quarry in now. There are just too many people that oppose it!

So here’s to keeping our environment free from another quarry!

Peace and love!

Keeping Animals As Pets

Hello everyone 🙂

I wanted to talk to you about ‘pets’.

First of all, I dislike that word. It insinuates ownership over a living being. Something which, in my opinion, should not exist. But that wasn’t what I want to talk about.

‘Pets’ have become a normal thing for people these days. People buy them, people sell them, people show them off.

Why animals are bred for humans, I will never comprehend. I think it is morally wrong.

People should only ever take care of an animal if it loses its parents at a young age, or is injured and cannot return to its normal life.

What do you think?

Peace and love!